War of the Gods

After the Ascension, many Gods made their homes throughout the Astral Sea. But Sumasiel called them to their duty. Showing them the approaching threat of the World Devourers, he told them what needed to be done.

The First who participated in the War of Ascension needed to be protected. By the argument of Alarah, the First were quickly renamed to Humans, as she claimed the ‘First’ seemed too impersonal. The Gods discussed ways to destroy the threat of the Devourers, but no weakness could be sensed.

A decision was made to send a small group of the Gods to try and find a weakness in the Devourers. The party consisted of the twins Rateris and Tahtiel, and the warrior goddess Hadsaclu. They disembarked to the Void.

Near a century later, Tahtiel and Hadsaclu returned to the Circle of Gods in the Divine Havens, where they reported that the Devourers were unable to be killed. Tahtiel wept for Her brother when they reported his death at the hands of the giant, tentacled beast.

Tirelessly, the Circle thought of ways to destroy this menace. Though Mozspax plotted another act of unspeakable treachery. Finally, it was decided this beast could not be killed, but must be restrained and trapped. All waited for the coming of the creature, who had since been named Oteguggak.

Finally, when Oteguggak arrived at Alinir, six of the Gods took their places around him. These six were Aratar, Eraneb, Diraxiel, Iperpurox, Tahtiel, and Barripanon. These six focused their divine essence into forming seals to imprison Oteguggak. Their valiant sacrifice restrained Oteguggak, and their remaining essence sharded into six sentient races.

Taking advantage of this time of both mourning for the losses and celebration of the victory, Mozspax put his plan into motion. He struck down Uteslapot, and swallowed his essence in order to become stronger.

Mozspax was exiled from the Havens, and sent to wander the Void, but the damage was done. Between the Gods, mistrust had found its way between them. The Gods would assume their mantles as rulers of Alinir, but would war with, and form alliances with each other, either seeking survival or power.

War of the Gods

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