War of Ascension

Darkness covered all. Light was virtually non-existant, being as the only source of it was the distant threads visible in the sky during the eternal night. But the First, those who were direct creations of Lorael, managed to survive.

The First resided on Alinir, an inhospitable world, which rested flat upon the weave of the cosmos. They managed to survive, finding water and hunting the food they needed. They made tools they needed, and weapons to fight with. Warmth was not a necessity, as it was held in by the same divine magics which held air for them to breathe.

Soon, one of the First stumbled upon a shard – a divine relic holding the essence of Lorael. Upon touching the shard, this man rose to great power, and ascended to Godhood. He took his original appearance, in the visage of Lorael, and chose the name of Sumasiel.

Sumasiel then saw the threat upon Alinir, and saw the only way to save the mortals of the world. He sent out his thoughts to each and every living thing, alerting them of the locations of the other Shards. This brought Chaos to the world, as all put everything behind them in order to gain divinity.

Many died, and many battles raged at the sites of the Shards. Most tried to touch the Shards for themselves. Others did all they could to prevent the shards from being touched. For many decades, bodies stacked up, and greed filled the minds of those who would try for the Shards.

In the end, 27 Shards produced Gods and Goddesses. The Shardborn Gods, or Old Gods as they are more commonly referred to, were as so:

Sumasiel, the Savior. Oruhal, the Destroyer. Aratar, Lord of the Nine Suns. Eraneb, God of Elements. Diraxiel, God of Nature. Iperpurox, Goddess of Beauty. Hasdaclu, the Silver Bladed. Halirpehon, God of Smithing and Metal. Hanax, Lord of Nil. Pael, the Avenger. Mozspax, the Traitor. Uteslapot, God of Harvest and Bounty. Henalduniel, God of Luck. Rateris, God of the Hunt. Xitpael, the Great Wanderer. Eznean, God of Dreams. Terunoleton, God of the Arcane. Inael, Goddess of Love. Tahtiel, Feral Lady. Neziel, Goddess of Chaos. Haax, God of Drink. Azlauz, the Shaper. Alarah, the Healer. Samesatiel, God of Prophets. Osiots, God of Oceans. Barripanon, God of Skies. Rrezot, God of Mountains.

War of Ascension

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