In the beginning, there was One.

The Nameless Spirit, as We call It, was the creator of all. Before time, before all. He(We will refer to Him as a male, even though He had no gender) had no shape, no form. Only vast emptiness.

In loneliness, He took from His infinite essence to create others. From this essence, He bore two: Lorael and Olactha.

Lorael was creative and gifted. She always created things, trying to please Her creator, who always found enjoyment in Her works.

Olactha always envied Her sister’s ability to create. When She tried to create anything, it always came out twisted. She, therefore, took Her anger out on Her sister’s creations, trying to destroy anything which made Her seem less than Her sister.

Eventually, The Nameless Spirit grew ever lonelier, even in the presence of His daughters. So He used more of his essence to create a son, who was never named.

This son loved both of His sisters equally. But They both fought over His presence. He helped Lorael with Her creations, and He entertained Olactha.

While The Nameless Son was with Olactha, Lorael created worlds. The stones, the mountains, the flora, the winds were all created by Her. Then, She created life. But this life seemed incomplete.

The Nameless Son saw this, and went to Lorael offering His help. After much work, They created the Divine Spark. This Spark was placed into the souls of three women: Atropos, Lachesis, and Clotho. These women now write the Annals from which you read, while weaving the Tapestry of Fate.


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