Soon after the creation of all that was, Olactha found the life and worlds Lorael and The Nameless Son had created. In anger, Olactha created more of Her creations, and ordered them to destroy all. And they did, devouring life, souls, and even entire worlds.

As Lorael noticed this rampant destruction, she tried to stop it. She ordered Olactha to stop, but Olactha only became more angry because of this. In a fit of rage, Olactha tried to use Her essence to destroy Her sister. But The Nameless Son intervened, and was destroyed in turn.

Both Lorael and Olactha were struck with sorrow at Their brother’s death. They worked endlessly trying to find a way to bring Him back. Olactha, in desperation, attempted to sacrifice Herself to revive Her brother. But sadly, this attempt failed, and She was destroyed as well.

Lorael soon saw that neither Her brother nor Her sister would ever be revived. So, in dedication to Her brother’s memory, she offered herself to her creations, allowing them to survive in the face of Olactha’s destructive creatures. She shattered her essence, and gave her creations two things.

She gave life to all things. Worlds, oceans, winds, creatures, plants, and even the aethereal thread which made up all that exists. She gave each thing a soul, each unique and perfect.

She then gave her creations the ability to fight Olactha’s creations. She shattered herself into shards, which gave her creations power and divinity.

Seeing the death of His children, The Nameless Spirit left to the farthest reaches of the Infinite Void, never to be seen again.


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