Deceit. Corruption. Greed.

Alinir has been overtaken by such sins. The Gods look down in shame at what the shards have become. Nations war, innocents die, and everything changes.

The strong rule, and the weak fall. That is the way the world is. Many deny it, and many try to change it, but in the end, it comes back to that. All one can do is either fight it and try to survive, or follow change and thrive.

In 3804 AS, a new nation seemingly sprouted up from nowhere in the northern wastes. The citizens of this nation wield strange weapons and magics, unlike that which has been seen before. Many nations, in recent years, have tried to conquer this new nation, either to take this new magic, or destroy it completely.

Only fate shall tell the future of this nation, and Alinir as a whole.

{{OOC Note from the GM}} This campaign is being designed under the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition ruleset, with many modifications to fit the world. It is my goal to make this world as vibrant and detailed as humanly possible. I will try to keep this as active as I can.

Good luck, and thank you,


Thread of Fate